Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes a husband and wife can both see that a divorce is in their best interest. Whether it is for the sake of their children or a desire to protect the marital estate from costly legal bills, the parties can sometimes see that is more beneficial for them to file an agreement for divorce. The parties often times with the help with of an experienced attorney can enter into a Divorce Agreement that can be filed with the Court and that details the areas concerning a parenting plan for the children, child support, a fair division of marital assets, and an equitable split of marital debt. An Uncontested divorce is the quickest and most cost effective means a husband and wife to obtain a divorce.

The forms necessary to file an uncontested divorce are the following:

  • Joint Petition for Divorce
  • Joint Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown
  • Affidavit of Care and Custody (if you have children from your marriage that are not emancipated)
  • Parent Education Certificate (if your children are minors). Note: You will receive a Parent Education Certificate after you complete the Parent Ed Program.
  • Certificate of Absolute/ Annulment or Rule 408
  • Financial Forms for those making under $75,000 or Financial Forms for those making $75,000 and over (notarized if $75,000 and over). Each party must submit their own financial statement.
  • Child support guidelines, if you have children
  • A money order (or whatever your court may allow) made payable to the court of filing for $215 (this is a filing fee)
  • A certified copy of your marriage certificate from a city or town
  • A notarized separation or divorce agreement
  • There could be other forms depending on your particular situation.

Experienced Cape Cod Divorce Attorney

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