Divorce Mediation

In divorce mediation, we help you and your partner amicably navigate the challenging decisions required in a divorce. The mediator, a neutral third party, facilitates conversation, assists with communication and understanding, and supports you to work through all the issues required in order to get a divorce.
Divorce mediation is almost always more efficient, less expensive, and less adversarial than litigation. While the cost will vary based on your income and the number of hours, it will be significantly less than the average cost of divorce without mediation.

Mediation helps make divorce – which is already a difficult and emotional process – easier through enabling the couple to come to agreement about critical issues such as parenting, property, and child support.

As part of a 1A divorce (jointly petition for divorce) you are required to submit a Separation Agreement to the court. Attorney Suarez will guide you through a divorce mediation checklist to ensure you address all the necessary topics. The general topics covered include: Custody, Parenting Plans, Child Support, Insurance, Personal Property and Communication Issues.

On average, couples who are organized and who have already spent time contemplating key financial or parenting issues are able to reach agreement in 3 to 5 sessions (a session is around 2 hours).

Sometimes, differences amongst the couple can extend the number of sessions needed to reach agreement. In those cases, mediation sessions can extend beyond 5 sessions. My goal is for you to take the time needed to come to a well-articulated agreement.

Experienced Cape Cod Divorce Attorney

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