Defending A Restraining Order

Attorney Mike Suarez assists both plaintiffs and defendants in restraining orders (both Abuse Prevention Orders and Harassment Prevention Orders). Abuse Prevention Orders are governed by MGL c. 209A and are granted when the plaintiff and the defendant are considered Family/Household Members. Harassment Prevention Orders are governed by MGL c. 258E and are granted when the plaintiff can show that the defendant has engaged in a pattern of three or more instances of harassment. Both types of restraining orders are civil orders, however, a violation of either order is a criminal offense and, can result in significant jail time.

As an experienced litigation attorney, Attorney Mike Suarez understands the issues that judges consider when granting or denying restraining orders. Prior to going to court, it is important to understand what must be shown for a judge to grant these orders. In addition, you must know the ramifications of these orders, which can include temporary custody of children, the removal from a home, and even limited access to a town or city.

Contact An Experienced Cape Cod Restraining Order Lawyer

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