Child Custody

Child custody and parenting time can often become a contentious issue in a domestic relations case. At the Law Office of Michael F. Suarez, we understand the importance you place on your relationship with your child and your parenting time with them. Attorney Mike Suarez will work to protect your rights so that you can achieve your child custody and parenting time goals.

The Court’s in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are bound by law to decide matters of custody and visitation in the best interest of the minor child. However, the Judge in your case will have a lot of discretion as to exactly what that means. You need an advocate who is skilled in negotiation and litigation in order protect your interest at all cost.

Massachusetts recognizes both legal and physical custody, and these are granted on a sole or shared basis. Sole legal custody refers to one parent holding the right to make important decisions regarding the child’s wellbeing. This includes matters such as education, medical care and religious practices. Shared legal custody refers to both parents having a collective responsibility to make these decisions for their child. While legal custody deals with major decision making for a child, physical custody has more to do with the child’s daily routine and care. Sole physical custody refers to a child living full-time with one parent, and that parent is responsible for the child’s daily care and supervision. Joint physical custody refers to the child
living with both parents for certain periods of time, and therefore, parents share the responsibility of the child’s daily care and supervision. There can even be a combination of the above arrangements depending on the situation.

Experienced Cape Cod Child Custody Attorney

You need a child custody lawyer who is not only seasoned, but knowledgeable in the nuances of Massachusetts domestic relations law. Attorney Mike Suarez has a deep understanding of the factors that Family Court uses to make custody decisions. He will work to obtain the outcome that is right for you and your child. Don’t wait, call Attorney Mike Suarez right now at (508) 759-1122.